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It's Friday!


Good morning everyone, I hope you have had a good week. I had a very happy, eventful and crazy Thursday!


Firstly, my sister had her second baby!!!!!! A little girl, who a lot like my sister, was late! 8 DAYS LATE, to be precise. This was amazing news to hear. As I was driving home from school yesterday I received a missed call so as soon as I arrived home I rang back and the news delighted me!! I was so happy to hear, the baby and my sister were both doing well and they were preparing to go back home.  


Secondly, there was quite a lot of commotion where I live last night as we could smell smoke coming from somewhere. We checked outside and one of the houses down the street was on fire! Luckily all the people around managed to get out safely and the Fire Brigade showed up very quickly to ensure the fire was put out. It was very eventful and it was actually interesting to see first hand how the Fire officers worked together to establish a plan. In times of pressure and stress it sometimes feels hard to work together but if we persevere and look for solutions not problems our outlook is always more hopeful. 


Anyway, onto today! 


There is a reading comprehension to do based on the work you have done this week on the desert. Read through the information and then answer the questions in your book you could then get creative and design a desert scene. This could be done by drawing, creating a collage or making a 3D model. 


For maths try and access the BBC Bitesize lesson if you can or go onto sumdog website I can send you log in deets if you don't have them.


Have a good day, 


Mr Smith. smiley