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Friday 5th June

Good morning everyone!

With all that is happening in the news at the minute, I think a lot of people have been reflecting upon their own knowledge of race and racism and have been thinking about how they can act. 

I have been asked a couple of times for advice on how to talk to young children about the topic of racism and for book recommendations for young children on this topic.
I decided to therefore put together a couple of lists of book recommendations. The first list is a selection of books that you could read with your child to begin a discussion about race. The second list is full of books that contain characters of colour and that may introduce children to other cultures. It is so important that young children are exposed to diversity and that the books we read are representative of a full society. Both lists are on the same document and have been made with our Foundation age group in mind. For a couple of books I have commented if they would be appropriate for reading with older or younger siblings. 

I hope that this helps any of you that may be considering how to approach such conversations with your child and/or are looking for engaging books that represent a culturally diverse population.  
I have also included a link which contains a really important chart of how children’s awareness of race develops from birth and some tips for having conversations with your child about social injustice.  

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!
Miss Heafford