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Hi everyone I hope you are all safe and well. As mentioned yesterday this weekend is the summer solstice (although it didn't feel like it during all that rain yesterday). Thankfully, the weather is set to be a bit nicer today and over the weekend. What did you find out about the solstice? 


It is also FATHER'S DAY on Sunday. DAD'S LOOK AWAY NOW! Seriously dads, stop looking! Excuse me we can all see you looking still!!!!!!!! Phew, they've gone! Keep checking in case they're being nosey and trying to see what your up to!


I think it would be great if you could make a handmade card for your dad or grandad. You could also have a look at some craft ideas and also make them something I found a link with some good ideas on Pinterest I will attach it to the bottom of the page. Making a card is also environmentally friendly! So it's a win win!!


Good luck with your cards and crafts and I look forward to seeing some of the creations. 




Mr Smith smiley