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Hi everyone!


Today I have added on some extra maths arithmetic papers one is a year 2 paper and one is a year 3 paper you are welcome to try either (or both if you are feeling SUPER AWAKE). I have also attached a Spelling challenge sheet for you to have a go at. This is all in addition to the planned work from BBC Bitesize - and is there as an extra challenge not as a "You have to do this". 


I was also sent an interesting video about growth mindset, which as you know is something I mention quite a lot so thankyou to Henry's mum for sharing this with me. It is attached to the bottom of the page! 


We will set up a zoom call for next Thursday if possible either at 9.30ish or 2pm. This weeks theme will be a quiz so make sure you bring: 

- a pen

- some paper



Good luck with all today's learning and have a wonderful weekend. 




Mr Smith smiley