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Today we are going to start a new topic in History!


We are going to start to learn about The Mayan's. I'm not going to say anything more than that for now because I would like you to use the sheet below or copy your own version into your books to write down;

  • anything you already know/think you know about Mayan's (e.g. who were they, where did they come from, what did they wear/eat/do?)
  • anything you would like to know about them.


Then go to my Scoopit page to research them and write what you find out on the sheet or in your book.


Remember I have put together the links on the Scoopit page, however some website may contain adverts or pop-ups could appear so if you see anything you don't think is safe or suitable close the page and tell an adult. Basically remember all of our e-safety learning at school to help you stay safe when using the internet please.


Maybe you could share your favourite fact about Mayan's on the class blog!