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Last week

So we have made it to our final week of the school term! Well done for working so hard, we are very proud of you all! 


This week is about revisiting maths topics that we have covered in year 1.

There are different maths activities attached below. You can work through the activities in any order.


Enjoy this last week!


Important ADULTS (esafety) - online maths game links have been added, please check when children access these links to play the educational games. 

2d Shapes 

Make 2d shape pictures, use the sheets attached below for ideas and templates. You could also find shapes around your house (like cups, books, plastic tubs) to draw around to make 2d pictures or draw on coloured card/paper to cut and stick to make pictures.


2d shape games.



Fraction activity sheet is attached below.

Look through the fractions PowerPoint attached below.


I have also attached a fractions domino game that can be printed and you can play with a member of your family.


Online fraction games:

Fractions PowerPoint

Fraction domino game


Addition activity sheet is attached below.


Online addition games:    - focus on the addition tabs

Activity sheet


Subtraction activity sheet is attached below.


Online subtraction games:     - focus on the subtraction tabs

Activity sheet

Maths games fun!


Have fun playing any numbers board games with your family!

Adults help find any games/activities that encourages mathematical thinking that you can all play together and have fun. 


Examples of games:

Snakes and Ladders

Connect four or 4 in a row


UNO - card game

Whats the time Mr Wolf? - Time

Cooking - weighing ingredients