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Wednesday 30th September


Today we would like you to edit your story, remember to check for correct spellings, capital letters and full stops!


Can you improve any parts and use different vocabulary?


Challenge: Ask a grown up to record you reading your story and upload it onto Dojo!

Tuesday 29th September



Using your comic strip from yesterday, today we would like you to write the story of The Legend of King Arthur.  This needs to be in your own words.  Think about how to organise your writing into paragraphs.


Challenge: Can you use inverted commas?

Monday 28th September


For today’s task, please read the retelling of the legend of King Arthur. We would like you to retell the legend in your own words, presenting it as a comic strip.

Plan what to include in each box and how many boxes to use. Use drawings, text, thought and speech bubbles to help retell the whole story.


We can’t wait to read these! Post a picture of your finished work on our class dojo!

Friday 25th September


Yesterday we began learning about King Arthur.  Use the information from yesterday to write down 10 facts you have learnt. 

Remember these need to be in full sentences and in your own words.


Challenge: Can you make a power point presentation on King Arthur using your facts?


Please send your work either on class Dojo or the school office email.

Thursday 24th September


Please use the information and links below to find out about Arthur, a great leader who fought against the Angles and Saxons.

There is a debate as to whether King Arthur was real or a myth.  When you have read all the information, decide what you believe.  Write down why you have made that choice and make sure you back up your argument with evidence.

Wednesday 23rd September


Imagine that Anglo-Saxons have landed on the beaches of Brancaster in Norfolk, stepping out of their boat and heading ashore. Look at pictures of the deserted beach and discuss how the Saxons might have felt as they viewed this place for the first time. Draw a picture or search online for an image of a Saxon invader, then annotate with speech and thought bubbles to reveal their thoughts on arriving in a new land.


Pictures of beaches and speech bubbles are below.  Please send your work to the school office email :)

Tuesday 22nd September


Today we would like you to read the newspaper article on Viking Longships.  Once you have read the article, highlight any words that you are unsure of (or write them down if you do not have a printer).  Once you have chosen the words, use a dictionary to find out what they mean.  Write down the word and its definition.  We have been practising this at school :)


Once you have completed those tasks, there are some questions attached to answer about the text. 


Once again, if you do not have access to a printer then write the answers down on paper. 

Grammar - complete first

Monday 21st September


Our topic for this half term is Traders and Raiders.  We have just begun to learn about Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.


Please watch this video clip which describes viking longships. 


Using the picture provided, we would like you to write as many expanded noun phrases as you can to describe the longship.  


Once you have completed this, then you will need to imagine you are on the longship and write a description about the ship.  This is very similar to the work we have completed last week on the Fjord. 


E.g. As the cold, crashing sea lapped against the ship, I could see...