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Friday 3rd April 2020


L.O: To predict what happens next in Fleeced


Use the pictures below to remind yourself what has happened so far in the book Fleeced.  Write what you think will happen next.  Think about each character. 


Remember to write in full sentences.  


Does Alan Shearer have a baby?

What happens to Charlies brother?

Will Saul ever be kind to Charlie?

Will Charlie feel welcome at school and make friends?

What will happen to the family's tearoom?



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Thursday 2nd April

L.O: To write a character description


Yesterday you planned your character description, using your plan we would like you to write your character description.  


Think about:

 - physical appearance

- personality

- the way they conduct themselves


Make sure you write in full sentences, using correct punctuation.  

We have practised a lot this year using a thesaurus to improve our language, if you have one at home then use it or use the internet to find improve your words! 


Write in your exercise book. 

Wednesday 1st April


Today I would like you to think about the book Fleeced.

- Who were the main characters?

- What are their roles?

- Has the book told us anything about them? Perhaps what they look like, their interests or even their personality. 


I would like you to create a Mind-map based upon a character ready to create a character description.  We have done some character description work in class. I have uploaded a template mind-map if you wish to use it. Add as much detail to it as possible. Remember it should only be key words.

Tuesday 31st March

Have a go at the reading comprehension about Easter. Make sure you read the text carefully and use it to support the answering of the questions.

Please make sure you write your answers in full sentences - this can be in your exercise book or on the sheet.

Challenge: To make up 3 questions of your own for someone to answer.

Monday 30th March


Last week you wrote a plan for your letter to a friend and then wrote it on Friday. You were asked to remember everything you could about features of a letter, as we have been doing lots of work in class with them.

Today, using the checklist provided, mark your work against the success criteria. Once you have done than choose a minimum of 3 improvements to make. If you have included all the features think about the following:

- Changing vocabulary.

- Checking for punctuation.

- Adding more detail.

Friday 27th March 2020


Yesterday you wrote a plan for a letter to a friend.  Today we would like you to write your letter.  We have been doing lots of work on letter writing so remember:

- senders address

- recipients address

- informal greeting

- tell your friend what you have been up to

- ask questions - they might reply if you send it!

- informal ending


Ask a parent to take a picture of your letter and send it to the school office, we would love to read them!

Thursday 26th March 2020


By now, you are probably all missing your friends at school.  So for today's task, we would like you to plan a letter that you would write to a friend to tell them what you have been up to!

Think about:

- who you would like to write to

- what you have been doing

- any questions you would like to ask your friend


Use the power point, planning sheet and planning template to support your plan.

Wednesday 25th March

Using the self assessment features checklist, check your recount. Have you included everything?

Choose up to 3 things (these could be on the checklist) to edit and improve.


You may like to use a dictionary to improve your vocabulary or you may need to alter your paragraphs.

If possible read your work to an adult to check for those commas and full stops!


Once your work has been edited you can then publish it.

Tuesday 24th March

Using your plan from yesterday, write a recount of your Mothers Day.

Things to remember:

- Punctuation . ! , ?

- Capital Letters

- Adjectives and Adverbs

- Emotive Words

- Description

Monday 23rd March

Please access the checklist and find the appropriate features in the text.

If some features are missing - how could you add them in?

Write an example in your exercise book.


Next create a plan of a recount you wish to write about Mothers Day weekend. You may wish to use the template. Please complete this in your exercise book.