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Friday 3rd April 


Easter Challenge:

Complete the Maths questions to find the missing Easter message.

Have a lovely Easter Holiday!! 


Warning: The answers are on page 2 so don’t peek!

Note: This sheet does not need printing, please record the answers to form the words in your pink book. 

Thursday 2nd April


Making Arrays

Morning! Click on the link below and watch Lesson 5 – Making Arrays 

Don’t forget to pause the video for more thinking time!


Now have a go at the worksheet below (This doesn't need to be printed. You could record the answers in your pink book by numbering the answers to match the questions or discuss with an adult):

Wednesday 1st April


Use the link below and watch lesson 4 – Add equal groups

Tuesday 31st March


Use the link below and watch lesson 3 – Make equal groups


Activity sheet:

Additional activity

Monday 30th March

This week we are going to recap on work that you have been learning so far.

Use the link below and watch lesson 2 – Counting in 10's


Activity sheet:

Additional activity:

Click on the below link.


Click on the green tabs:

10 more

10 less

Friday 27th March 2020


How did you do yesterday? Did you find all the answers? 

Today's Maths lesson is going to be a recap of all the things you have learnt over the last week as well as a recap of some learning from a long time ago. 


Activity 1:

Follow the link to the BBC Bitesize website. Watch the video clip. Scroll down and play the games to help you practice solving problems using capacity.


Activity 2: 

Follow the link and complete Lesson 1 - Step 6 - Compare Capacity.


Don't forget to pause the lesson before you are ready to hear the answers!


Activity 3:

Have a go at the worksheet to help you remember everything you have learnt about comparing different capacities. 

Thursday 26th March 


I have a challenge for you!

I have some questions that need you to think really carefully about what you know about capacity. The first problem is the easiest and they get harder. Have a go!!! I would love to see a picture of your answers on Tapestry.

Wednesday 25th March

I hope you enjoyed today's additional activity on capacity and I'm sure you all got the question right to the photo that was posted earlier.

The answer is below.

Well done Year 1!

Picture 1

Measurements - Capacity

Comparing capacity using greater than, less than and equal to signs. 

Look at the worksheet attached  and complete the questions.

Remember the crocodile likes to drink lots of water! (A little clue for you)

Additional activity:

Find items around your house that contain liquid. For example, milk. Or you could fill up different sized containers with water. Use the greater than, less than and equal to signs, to compare the liquids.

See photo below for ideas.

Which sign do I need to use? (I will post the answer later today)

Tuesday 24th March

Measurements - Capacity

We hope you had fun filling up containers with water!

Today you are going to learn about measuring capacity.

Use the link below and watch lesson 5 – Measure capacity


Measure capacity worksheet


Monday 23rd March

Measurements - Capacity

You have been learning about different measurements like length and weight and you have produced great work.

Today you are going to learn about capacity!

What is capacity?

Use the link below and watch lesson 4 – Introduce capacity and volume:


Find empty plastic containers (eg, shower gel bottles, plastic cups).

Can you show a container that is full? Can you show a container that is half full? Can you show a container that is empty?


Can you find two different shaped containers that hold the same amount of water?

Draw pictures in your pink book of your work.


Additional work

Capacity worksheet: