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Hi everyone,

This week in maths we are going to look at sharing.

Today we will be recapping halving. Here are some questions to ask your child to see how much they can remember about halving:

- If I half something, how many parts do I split it into? (do they remember that it is 2?)
- How can I make sure that I half something properly? (do they know to take it in turns to share to each part and to check that they both have the same amount so that it is fair?)
- Do all numbers half properly? (do they remember anything about odd and even?)

There is a picture of a butterfly in the maths wallet in your home learning pack. Today I would like you to find some small, pretty objects from around the house; sequins would be perfect but buttons, gems or small cut out shapes of paper if you don't have any of those things.

Your challenge is to decorate the butterfly (not gluing anything down though) by halving your decorations between each wing. 

Explain to your child that it is halving because you are splitting the decorations into 2 groups, 1 for each wing. And then start off with 2 decorations and ask them to half it. Support them in understanding that when you ask "so what is half of 2?" this means that they count half of the amount which is just 1 group/1 wing. Then try it with 4 decorations and move up the even numbers. If your child has remembered lots about halving then challenge them with an odd number and see if they realise that it can't be halved.

Have a good day!
Miss Heafford