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Hi everyone,

Today we have some word problems to practise sharing with a play challenge at the end.
Use some physical objects to represent each word problem and encourage your child to use the 'one for you, one for you' sharing method to work them out. Your child could also use drawings to work out the problems.

Problem 1:









Problem 2:











Problem 3:



You are sharing the apple between 2 people here. Ask your child if they can remember what it is called when you split something into 2 equal parts (halving).

Problem 4:

Making a pretend paper or playdough cake for this problem would be a great idea.

To extend maths into play, create one or several pretend pizzas (a simple decorate circle of paper works well) and play pizzerias. You could be the chef and ask your child to be waiter and serve the customers some pizza. By cutting the pizzas into slices you can get them to practise sharing when they think they are simply playing by asking them to share the pizza between a circle number of make believe customers (perhaps soft toys). 
This is a lovely activity which can also allow them to learn about cooking, how a restaurant works, money and of course sharing.

Have a super day,
Miss Heafford