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Hi everyone,

Today I would like you to get the last sheet in your maths wallet from your home learning pack out. It has 4 paw patrol dogs and a selection of cookies at the bottom. I have attached a copy of this in case you want to print a new copy.

Your child's challenge is to share the cookies between the paw patrol dogs. When they think they have shared them, ask them to check if they have all been shared equally by counting how many cookies each dog has. They should find that to make them have equal amounts they will have 1 cookie leftover. Have a discussion with them about what they think they should do to the last cookie. If they leave it then it will be wasted but if they give it to one of the pups then it's not fair to the others. See if they realise that they could share that cookie between each of the dogs so they each get a part. If they do not realise this independently then you can guide them to that conclusion. 

Cut up that last cookie and give each paw patrol a part and then check again if they have an equal amount.

You can always see if they have understood this concept by playing pizza shops and asking your child to share some pizzas between 2 customers. If you give them an odd number of pizzas to share then see if they think to cut a pizza up to give each customer a part and therefore an equal amount.

Have a great day and a lovely weekend!
Miss Heafford