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Hi everyone, welcome to Tuesday's maths challenge!

Now you are hopefully comfortable counting using your teen numbers and spotting them on a hundred square we are going to practise matching amounts to numerals. Please watch my videos below to explain the challenge a bit more.


When you have completed my challenges then please watch the numberblocks episode.
Parents: numberblocks is an absolutely fantastic resource! In this episode we learn about some of the teen numbers and the children should spot that a teen number is in fact 10 and x more. This is a great way for you to talk about the teen numbers with your child as it introduces them to the concept of place value. 

In class when we watch numberblocks we have used duplo or cubes to build our own numberblocks which the children have then played with. If you have such resources at home this would be a lovely activity for them as they feel as though they are free playing when actually they are discussing, representing and building numbers. They often explore more and less while playing this as they take apart their numberblock and realise it has made another one. For example if they build numberblock 4 and while playing he loses the block that is his head, they will realise that if you take 1 away from 4, it becomes 3 so one less than 4 must be 3.


All the best!



Tuesday Maths Part 1

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Tuesday Maths Part 2

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Numberblocks - Tween Scenes