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Hi everyone, 

Today I would like you to go on a shopping trip to practise some addition by counting on. Use the powerpoint below to do this.
Look at each problem and notice the numberline at the bottom of the screen. The first number in the number sentence is already circled and we move along the number line the second amount shown in the number sentence. 

In class we will have a physical numberline on the floor while looking at the powerpoint. We will stand on the first number in the number sentence and will travel along the number line as many times as the second digit shows to find the answer.

For example if we see '5+3=?' then we will stand on number 5 and take 3 steps to land on number 8. You could achieve this at home by using chalk outside or using paper to make number mats and then walking/jumping along them.

The idea is for the children to understand that we don't always need to count from number 1, we can put a number in our heads and then count on to find the answer to a number puzzle.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything via tapestry and let me know how your child gets on with this, it has been lovely to hear from some of you!

All the best,
Miss Heafford