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Hi everyone,

To continue practising our addition by counting on I would like you to use the sheet attached below to complete a 'roll it, show it, write it' activity. 
You will also need your numicon from your first home learning pack, a dice and 6 small objects.
If your child has been in school this week, or you think your child would benefit from more of a challenge, then forget the dice and make number cards to 20 and get 20 small objects rather than 6.

The activity is that your child rolls 2 numbers (or picks 2 number cards if you are doing the challenge) and writes them on their sheet. They need to identify the biggest number out of the 2 and put that numicon in their ocean. The smallest number shows how many objects they need to add to their ocean. Then, to count how many they have altogether they should put the biggest number (numicon) in their head and count the other objects by counting on. They can then write their addition number sentence underneath their ocean. 

For example I might roll a 4 and a 6. 
6 is the biggest number so I get a 6 numicon and put it in my ocean.
4 is the smallest number so I get 4 counters and put them in my ocean.
I now need to count them altogether because we are adding so I put 6 in my head and then count the 4 counters by counting on from 6 (7,8,9,10). 
Then I can write 6 + 4 = 10.

In school we laminate these sheets so that the children can obviously keep rubbing out their previous go to do another one. What you could do as an alternative is to create your own ocean (a plain piece of paper can be an ocean with imagination or you could paint one if you have time!) and write the number sentences on a separate sheet of paper rather than using the attached sheet. 

Let me know if you have any questions and/or you are able to tell me how they get on with this!
Have a good day, 
Miss Heafford