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Hi and welcome to Wednesday's maths challenge!

Today we are focussing on using concrete objects to build each of the teen numbers. I would like the children to practise using the sentence "x is 10 and y more" to describe each of the teen numbers. For example "13 is 10 and 3 more". This will help them understand the composition and place value of a number, it will help them compare teen numbers to each other and it will help them later on when they come to completing calculations with teen numbers. 

It is possible that when your child comes to using the numicon to build the number that they will want to build it in lots of different ways. When we do our daily calendar in school, the children are praised for coming up with new ways to build a number and they are really good at this. After learning our number bonds in school I challenged them by removing the 10 numicon meaning that they had to build the 10 for a teen number using their number bond knowledge. For today's activity they should use the 10 and some more way of building the number first so that they can clearly identify the difference between each of the numbers, but if they would like to complete other activities with the numicon or build the numbers in different ways then they should be encouraged to do so, it is fantastic adding practise!

The numicon are an amazing resource that I am likely to get you to use in many maths activities so if you have some card to stick it on or a laminator then this would help it to stay in good condition for however many weeks we may be learning in this way.

Miss Heafford


P.S Doing a daily calendar would be a super way to add some more maths into your child's day as well as ensuring they know the days of the week and months of the year. As I say, we build the date with our numicon so you could use the numicon in your child's pack to do this. Alternatively they could draw a picture to represent each number, e.g candles on a cake, using tally marks, drawing dots or 5 of a particular picture. They have had lots of practise of this during our odd one out morning challenge. I wonder if any of them know which Month has begun today?!

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