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Hi everyone,

This week we are going to focus upon our number work. Today's challenge is to find all of the different ways of making 5.

Get out your numicon and put the number 5 numicon in front of you. Can you think of any numbers that you can add together to make 5? Use your other numicon to help you. Remember that you can place the other numicon on top of the number 5 numicon to spot which number you need to add each time.
(For example if you place the numicon 3 on top of numicon 5, you can spot that there are 2 parts that have not been covered so you know you need to add the 2 numicon). 

See if you can represent what you are learning on a part-whole model or with a number sentence. For example 2+3=5.

A challenge would be to see if you can add more than 2 numbers together to make 5. For example 1+1+1+1+1 or 1+2+2.

Have fun exploring! I have attached a numberblocks episode all about the number 5 below. It may help to watch this before beginning the numicon activity.

Have a great day everyone,
Miss Heafford

Numberblocks - The Number Five