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Hi everyone,

Today I would like you to look at counting in 2s. 

First, watch the numberblocks episode linked below. At the end of the episode point out that every time the number 2 jumped on another number it added 2 more. First there was 2 and when 2 jumped on top it made... 4! Then 2 jumped on top again and it made... 6! When 2 jumped on top again it made... 8! And then when 2 jumped on top of 8 it made... 10! The numbers went up by 2 each time: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, this is a pattern.

Open the 100 splat square linked below. Can your child splat all of the numbers that we saw in the numberblocks episode? 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Once they have done it ask them to look at the number square and describe what they notice. They might comment on how there is one number missed out every time. They might notice that it is only the even numbers that are splatted and not the odd numbers, they might comment on adding 2 more every time. Explain that all of the numbers splatted are the numbers you need when you are counting in 2's.

Watch the counting in 2's song below a few times and have a go at counting in 2's!

Have a great day,
Miss Heafford


Numberblocks: The Two Tree

The Counting by Twos Song