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Morning everyone,

Today we are going to continue practising counting in 2's.

Watch the counting in 2's song to warm up and encourage your child to join in.

I would like you to get as many pairs of shoes and/or socks as you can and lay them out in a row of pairs. 
Explain to your child that you want to know how many there are and get them to count in 1s to see how many there are. Praise them for their counting but point out how long it took and explain that we can count in 2s to make it faster because we know there are 2 shoes/socks together each time. Demonstrate counting the shoes/socks in 2's and then ask your child to copy.

Travel around your house and practise counting in 2's with a variety of different objects such as food, clothing and toys. Remember to line them up with 2 items next to each other each time you count to show your child that you can count in 2's because there are 2 more objects each time. 

Have a good day!
Miss Heafford

The Counting by Twos Song