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Hi everyone,

Today's maths challenge is all about time.

Now in foundation the children simply need to use everyday language to talk about time. This might include using the terms 'tomorrow' and 'yesterday' or stating whether things occur in the 'morning', 'afternoon' or 'evening'. In class we discuss what time things happen, for example "oh the big hand and the little hand are on the 12 so it must be 12 o clock, time for lunch!" but children are not expected to recall specific times using a clock. It also includes measuring and comparing time, for example using timers or stopwatches for certain tasks and understanding that you could do more in 2 minutes than 1 minute because 2 minutes is a longer period of time. 


Today's challenge is focussing upon sequencing daily events. You will need the first 2 sheets from the maths wallet in the home learning pack which look like this:















The task is can your child put the events in the order in which they experience them? It provides an opportunity to discuss when things occur with your child and to help them use and understand time-related vocabulary. 


If you complete this activity then please let me know how your child gets on with it on tapestry!
All the best,
Miss Heafford