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Introducing Doubling

Hi everyone,

Today the maths challenge is to begin to look at doubling objects. It is all about getting our heads around what doubling means as a concept so I'm going to write out some steps to help you to introduce doubling to your child:It is always best to have some objects handy for maths so see what objects you have handy (blocks or buttons or a food item etc) and get about 20 of them.

- Talk to your child about what it means if we double something and show them with your objects that when you double something it means that you have 2 of them.

- Ask them to identify if the number is getting bigger or smaller when you double it. It is important to really emphasise that doubling makes the number bigger so that they don't later get confused with halving.

- Show your child how you can double something by beginning with an amount of objects (e.g get 3 blocks) and then if you double that amount then you get the same amount again and put them all together (get another 3 blocks in a separate pile and then push them together and count them all up). Explain that this means that double 3 is 6.

- Give your child a certain number of objects and see if they can double that number. For example give them 2 grapes and ask them to double the amount of grapes. Help them to realise that they need to get the same amount again and then put them all together to find double.

- If you have a free standing mirror you can also let your child explore doubling by putting some objects in front of the mirror, acknowledging that the same amount of objects appears in the mirror and then get them to count the objects and the reflections altogether to find the double.

Once they have had a chance to practically explore doubling then watch the numberblocks episode below with them and see if they can spot when a number doubles.

If you would like a follow up activity to this video then copy and paste the link below, scroll down to 'series 2, episode 9, double trouble' and click on the powerpoint. This contains some animations that will help your child spot doubling and has some lovely ideas for how to help your child learn about doubling when they are playing.

We will be continuing to explore doubling for the rest of this week :)
Miss Heafford