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Hi everyone!


Today we are going to continue looking at doubling objects but this time we are going to introduce number sentences as well. You will need the say it, make it, write it sheet from the maths wallet in your home learning pack which is the laminated sheet with pink, yellow and blue sections and also something to add with. These could be the physical objects that you used yesterday or it could be the numicon from the first home learning pack.


What I would like you to do is to write (with a whiteboard pen) on the red section of the sheet a double. Then to show your child how to read what it says. That is the pink section completed.


Next you will use your objects or numicon to make the double as a visual aid in the yellow section.


Finally in the blue section you will write a number sentence about what you can see in the yellow section to work out what the double is. 


An example is below.

Once they have completed a few doubles (you could work up to doubling 10) then take a look at the picture below and see if they can work out which number I have doubled ... try to encourage them to use the terms "I can see double x".


Let me know how they get on! :)
Miss Heafford