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Hi everyone! 

Today we will be focussing upon the children making their own AB patterns and spotting mistakes in patterns. For this you will need the 2 pattern tracks from the maths wallet (see below) and a selection of objects to make patterns from.


Remember the main focus when helping your child to learn about patterns is to describe them verbally and to identify the unit of repeat. 



Your first activity is can you make the following types of patterns using your straight pattern track:

- a green, brown pattern


- a big, small pattern




Next, can you make the following types of patterns using your circular pattern track with 12 sections:


- a round, straight pattern


- a red, blue pattern 



Parents: Play a pattern game with your child. When they have finished making their pattern they need to close their eyes and you change something about their pattern. This could be removing one object, adding an object or swapping some objects over. Get them to open their eyes and see if they can identify what the problem with their pattern is and correct it. 



Now I would like you to make any type of AB pattern you would like! It can have any rule you want. You could use objects to make a pattern, do a drawing or maybe you want to use actions or sounds to make a pattern. Some examples are:


- big, small pattern


- jump, sit down pattern


- repeating 2 keys on a piano as a pattern (for example a high, low pattern)


- colour based pattern


- clap, tap knees pattern


- saying 'hello, goodbye' as a pattern


- long, short pattern


Parents, try to encourage your child to state what type of pattern they have made (e.g "I have made a big, small pattern" rather than them reading the pattern as "it goes big, small, big, small, big, small").





Your last challenge is to help me! I tried to make some patterns but have gone wrong somewhere... can you spot what is wrong with my patterns? Maybe you could tell me what I need to change on a video and upload it to tapestry, that would be really helpful!