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Hi everyone,

Today we are going to start to look at ABB patterns and there are 3 mini activities for you.


1. Look at the picture below with your child, can they spot any patterns? I have written them on the picture so you know what you can point out to them if they don't spot a pattern. They do not need to know the symbols for each pattern (AB, AABB, ABC, ABB etc), just the unit of repeat. When you have discussed them, have a look around your house and garden, can you spot any patterns?



2. Have a look at the sandcastles picture below and talk about the following questions with your family:

- What do you notice about the order of the sandcastle shapes?
- What is the pattern?
- Where does the pattern begin?

- Where does the pattern end?

- What shape sandcastle will Matilda make next?

- Can you see any other patterns in the picture?





3. Can you make your own ABB pattern like Matilda's sandcastles? You could use playdough to make 3D shapes, make a drawing or use objects and using the circle track (with 12 sections) would be a great idea if possible. 



Have fun!
Miss Heafford