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Hi everyone,

Today we will be looking at AAB patterns. There are 3 mini activities to complete just like yesterday.



1. Look at the below and discuss the following questions with your child:

- What is different about each of the shells? (size)


-  How many items are in the unit of repeat?


- Can you say the pattern?


- What is the same about the patterns?


- What is different about the patterns?


- Could you continue the patterns?






2. Parents can you please set up a couple of AAB patterns using objects around the house, for example 'red block, red block, blue block, red block, red block, blue block' and 'fork, fork, spoon'. Get your child to identify the pattern and continue it. They can they make up their own for you to continue.




3. Listen to 'We Will Rock You' by Queen and show your child the actions that go with the song (the stomp, stomp, clap). See if they can spot the pattern in the actions that you are doing. I have linked the video at the bottom of this page for ease.


See if your child can come up with a new AAB action pattern for it. Perhaps they could use a new action pattern for each verse/ chorus.

Can you make a music video using the song and your child's actions and upload it to tapestry? You can get siblings involved too, or even better, the whole family! Of course not all children will want to film this kind of thing so please don't feel pressure to have to do this! It is just an idea that I am sure some children will really enjoy! :)

Miss Heafford

Queen - We Will Rock You