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Sumdog competition!
Hopefully everyone has had a go at Sumdog by now if not don't worry now is your chance! A Leicestershire competition opens today. All you have to do is go to Sumdog and play some games. Please read below for a bit more information.


During the contest,

  • you should simply play Sumdog's mathematics games. As you do so, you'll answer questions that contribute to your score.
  • The class's score is the average number of correct answers across everyone who takes part.
  • There's a maximum of 1000 questions for each - so accuracy is more important than effort!
  • You can play at any time during the contest week (Friday 24th - Thursday 30th April)
  • To qualify for the leaderboards, at least 10 students from a class need to play.


It is just for fun, so just enjoy it!

Today's Maths Sheets

Please choose any one or more of these sheets about comparing and ordering decimals to have a go at. Once you have had a go please mark your work from the answers attached.


Good luck!