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Now that the children are experienced with continuing and creating patterns, I would like to encourage them to record the patterns that they make.
Initially this might involve straightforward representations, but with some support these recordings may become more iconic, e.g. a red dot representing the red dinosaur, a squiggle or the letter R for red dinosaur.
One additional level of challenge is to create symbols for movement/sound patterns, as the children need to construct a symbol with less concrete/visual support.

So here are today's challenges!



1. Parents can you set up a couple of basic patterns with objects and draw a representation of it. Try to keep the symbols simple and do a few so that your child can see a variety of ways to represent a pattern. Maybe you could do one with colours, one with different sized or oriented lines and one with the initial sound of objects you have used. You can explain that the representation is important because it gives people a clue of what pattern you have made. Once you have shown your child a couple of examples, give them the chance to create a pattern using objects and then create their own representation. 



2. I have made a couple of symbol patterns here a big, small pattern and an initial sound pattern. Can you find objects around your house to make my symbols turn into a real life pattern?








3. Play a 2 player pattern guessing game. You both need an equal number of the same objects in front of you and put some sort of screen in front of you so that you can't see each other. The oldest player first makes a pattern and draws a symbol structure. This is a secret set of instructions and when it is finished then you need to give it to your partner (your child in EYFS). The challenge is can you follow the set of instructions (the symbol pattern) to recreate the pattern. When you think you are done it you can take down the screen between you both and compare patterns... did you manage to crack the code and choose the same objects?!

Have fun!