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Morning everyone!

Today we are going to focus upon language patterns. 


1. First we're going to practise what you learnt yesterday about representing patterns with symbols. I would like you to make a music or movement pattern with your body today and then see if you can represent it with symbols. Can you guess what movements I did by looking at my symbols?


It was a clap, clap, twirl, twirl pattern! Your turn now!




2. Yesterday our story was 'we're going on a bear hunt'. Did you spot the word patterns? If you didn't listen to the story yesterday read/listen to it now and see if you can spot it! Here is a picture of one example:


Look, a stumble, trip pattern!

Your challenge today is can you create your own Bear Hunt story? You will need the 2 sheets in your maths pack about bear hunt. You can choose which order you want to go in, maybe you want to go through the mud first, maybe you want to go through the snowstorm first instead! Think about what you might hear, feel or do when you go through that area and can you think of your own word pattern?

Put a photo on tapestry if you finish it!
Miss Heafford