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Morning all!

Today is our last day looking at patterns because tomorrow is the bank holiday. The idea today is to explore animal patterns and to look at symmetry. I have written lots of activity options. Choose however many and whichever activities your children will respond to the most and have fun!

- Use the Internet or books to look at patterns on animals. Look at tigers, zebras, snakes, giraffes and cheetahs. What other animals can you find with patterns? Can you draw any of the patterns?



- Look at some pictures of butterflies. Can you see that both of their wings look exactly the same on each side. Discuss the word 'symmetrical' with your child. Use whatever materials you have available to you to create your own butterfly. 
If you have paint at home then you can create a butterfly out of paper, paint one side of it (using lots of paint that is quite wet works the best) and then fold it in half. When you open it up you will have a symmetrical butterfly. 

- Give your child a hand-held mirror and allow them to choose what they do with it. They might take it outside to explore what patterns they can make with flowers and trees, they might enjoys including it in a duplo construction and explore how the amount of bricks doubles in the mirror, they might like to use it against people's faces and see how they can give someone 2 heads or change the size of their facial features! 

- Give your child a symmetry challenge. Use masking tape or chalk to create a line somewhere in your house/garden. You place some objects up against and around the line and your child's challenge is to create the symmetrical pattern on the other side of the line. 



- Print out some pictures  (outline pictures work the best) or draw pictures of symmetrical things such as hearts, the sun, a face, a ladybird or butterfly and cut it in half. See if your child can redraw the other half and make it completely symmetrical. I have uploaded some pictures you could use but there are endless options here! We did it with frozen characters in class which the children really enjoyed.