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Sumdog competition!
The sumdog competition continues! If you didn't have a go on Friday or over the weekend don't worry you have until Thursday to have a go. We are currently 2nd in Leicestershire as a class!

That is amazing guys! It is just for fun really but great effort so far, keep it up! If you haven't had a go yet get involved! The rules on how it works are below!


During the contest,

  • you should simply play Sumdog's mathematics games. As you do so, you'll answer questions that contribute to your score.
  • The class's score is the average number of correct answers across everyone who takes part.
  • There's a maximum of 1000 questions for each - so accuracy is more important than effort!
  • You can play at any time during the contest week (Friday 24th - Thursday 30th April)
  • To qualify for the leaderboards, at least 10 students from a class need to play.


It is just for fun, so just enjoy it!

Also please have a go at the worksheets below today, they should help us practice our identification and understanding of numbers!