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Keep going with the Sumdog competition today please every one. Well done to everyone who has take part so far which was 13 of you as I write this! Also well done to Ben who has already answered 1000 questions! 


Also the rest of this week I would like us to spend a bit more time recapping decimals as some of this work is relatively new to us in Year 4 and it is important we begin to feel confident with this. If you find the work set on here relatively easy please do also go to and do some addition learning on here. Otherwise for today please just focus on working through the file below. Please answer the questions on each slide in your book as you work. The answers are then on the following slide so mark your work as you go. 


Today please try pages 4 - 26. I know it sounds like a lot! However there is not much work per page. If it is taking you a long time and you haven't finished it after around 40 minutes just stop wherever you have got to and pick it up from there tomorrow. Just try your best!