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Morning everyone!

This week in maths we are going to explore capacity. In foundation we mainly familiarise the children with capacity-related terminology (full, nearly full, half full, half empty, nearly empty, empty, holds more, holds least) and support them in comparing and ordering items in terms of capacity. 

Today's challenge is to play with capacity and to practise using capacity-related terminology while playing. 

There are 3 potential activity ideas for you here but capacity can be explored using a variety of different materials, for example sand, food, mud, water etc. 

Activity idea 1: Make some potions!
Find a big container to fill with water and provide your child with various receptacles. These could be tupperwares, cups, bowls, beakers, buckets, spoons, measuring cups. Allow your child to create a potion of their own design. This could include natural materials, for example adding leaves, flowers, grass etc to give magical powers to the potion and stir together with a stick. Using food colouring would also make this an exciting activity. There is a potion recipe in your maths home learning pack which some children may wish to use but the focus of this activity is using imagination and appropriate vocabulary so the written option is only if your child is really keen on it! 

Activity idea 2: Make some mud pies!
Get messy and mix together some mud and water to enable you to make mud pies. You can discuss which container of water would make the mud the wettest and see if they understand that the bigger containers have the most water in. Furthermore if you have cupcake cases or cake tins or bowls that your child can use for this activity then they can see if they can measure out the appropriate amount of mixture for each container.

Activity idea 3: Have a tea party!
Get out some cups and bowls and a teapot if you have one or a large bowl to mix some 'tea' in, some water and some teddies to join in with the fun. Get involved in the play to encourage your child to use their imagination and support them in using their capacity-related vocabulary by asking 'I wonder' questions such as:

- I wonder whose container will hold the most/least tea?
- I wonder which tea we should give to the smallest/biggest teddy?
- I wonder if the big teddy bear would like a full cup of tea, half full cup of tea or just an empty cup?

Enjoy playing with capacity and let me know how your child gets on with whatever activity you choose on tapestry! :)

Miss Heafford