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Hi everyone!

Today in maths you will need the next 2 sheets in your maths wallet. The first is a page of the capacity-related vocabulary, the second is a set of pictures of various containers.

The challenge is simply to match the pictures to the correct word/words. See if your child acknowledges that half full and half empty actually mean the same thing. 

Once they have matched the pictures, see if they can create a representation of each word using their own receptacle and water/sand. Give them a water bottle, cup, bowl or tube and ask them to make it 'empty', 'nearly empty', 'half empty', 'half full', 'nearly full' and 'full' and see if they understand what each term means and are able to show that practically. 

Thank-you to those of you still uploading to tapestry. I check it daily although it may sometimes take me a few days to comment on each post. Each post is being added to your child's online learning journal so there will be lots of memories to keep! You're all doing a super job, keep going!

Have a great day,
Miss Heafford