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Hi everyone!

Today's capacity challenges are all about estimating in terms of capacity. 

1. You will need a selection of different sized containers (at least 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large) and a matching number of objects that would fit in the different containers (for example 1 raisin, 1 small toy, 1 large bottle). 
The challenge for your child is to estimate which objects would fit into each container and to see if they can match the object to the containers.

2. Keep the containers you used in activity one and get lots of 1 particular object. This could be lego pieces, grapes, marbles, balls, whatever you have around. If you don't have an object that you think would work then this activity works nicely with cups of water (how many cups of water fit do you think would fit into this bucket?)
The challenge here is for your child to predict how many of an object would be able to fit into each container. Once they have made a prediction, see if they know how they could check how close they were ... do they know that they need to put the objects in one at a time and then count how many there are when the container is full up? Are they able to count accurately? Do they remember that an estimate is just a sensible guess? You can support them in making an estimate by making your own and explaining your thought process to yourself out loud. You might have a tupperware and some wax crayons. You could hold 5 crayons in your hand and say "hmmm, I think the container looks bigger than these crayons so there would be room for some more so I'm going to guess a number that is bigger than 5. My estimate is 10". 

Do this for each container and once finished, see if the children can describe the containers in terms of which held the least and which held the most. It might help to label each container with how many it held so that your child can see that the bigger the number, the more it could hold. We will be ordering in terms of capacity tomorrow so this challenge will help prepare them for that.




3. An extra challenge suggestion for those of you who have blocks of some kind at home is to show your child an object and challenge them to build a box from the lego that is big enough to fit it in. Are they able to guess how many blocks they would need? Encourage them to think carefully about this rather than just making a huge box. 

Let me know how you get on! :)
Miss Heafford