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Hi everyone!

Today is the last day where we will be exploring capacity as I have some number challenges for you tomorrow. 

1. Get a selection of different sized containers, 5 would be ideal. Choose what you will fill them with (it may be tablespoons of water or grapes (try to make it a small unit of measurement).  Ask your child which container they think will hold the least and which will hold the most. Then ask them line up the containers  in order of how much they think each one will hold.
Get them to check if they were right by using their unit of measurement to see how much each one holds. A good idea is to label each container with how much it held to help when it comes to ordering and the next activity. See if they can say a sentence to justify why there are in a particular order. For example "this one is last because it holds the most", you could ask how they know it holds the most and support them in understanding this is so because "the bigger the number, the larger the amount". 
We learnt that sentence in school a few months ago so it might be that they say "the greater the number, the larger the amount".

2. Challenge your child by asking what would change the unit of measurement. For example if you had been measuring with tablespoons of water and a container held 15 tablespoons, ask them "if we measured with this smaller teaspoon instead, would we still fit 15 in there? What about if we used a cup, would we fit 15 cups into this container?". Try to understand that if you use something smaller, that you can fit a lot more into a container than if you use something big.
This is quite a tricky concept because essentially a bigger unit of measurement means a smaller number which is often the opposite to what a child would expect. Exploring this practically helps your child to understand this. 


3. I have a problem. I want my bucket to be full but I can't work out how. Please can you help me? Listen to my message below and use the picture to help.






Please help!