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Morning all,

Today in maths we are going to introduce the concept of half. 

Some children have heard of this word before, others may not but the key points that we aim for them to understand are:
- when we half something it gets smaller
- when we half something, we split it into 2 parts
- when we half something, the parts must be equal/ the same

I have recorded a special sentence that you can repeat with your child a few times to help them understand what a half is. Then when completing each activity you can refer to the special sentence.
For example when cutting a sandwich in half you can cut the sandwich and say "look now it is cut in half because there is 1, 2 parts and they are both the same. Remember, when I make half I make 2 equal parts!" 

Half Stem Sentence

In the maths wallet in the home learning pack there is a pizza with a separate page of toppings. Today's challenge is for you to play pizza shops with your child. Your child can be the chef and you are making your order.
First of all acknowledge how the pizza is split in half by the line. You can refer to the special sentence here by saying "look the pizza is split into 2 parts here and both parts are the same, it must be half because when I make half I make 2 equal parts".
Then you can request toppings on your pizza and introduce the word 'half' to your child. It might be that you only want mushrooms on half of the pizza. This allows your child to realise that 1 of the sides is what you mean when you say 'half'.
You could ask for 6 tomatoes on your pizza and challenge your child to split them equally between each half of your pizza for more of a challenge. 

The aim for today is to introduce your child to the word 'half' and to help them understand that a half means something is split into 2 equal parts.

A great way to help understand the concept of half is through food. To sneak in a bit more maths to the day, perhaps you could get your child involved in cutting sandwiches in half at lunchtime and when doing so point out that you start with 1 big sandwich and when you half it, it creates 2 smaller, equal parts.
You could also cut a small part off a sandwich and explain that even though there are now 2 parts, it is not a half because there is 1 big part and 1 small part so they are not equal. It helps to see examples of what is not a half so I would definitely recommend that!