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Hi everyone! 

Yesterday we looked at what a half was. Can you remember our special sentence?
"When I make half, I make 2 equal parts"!

Today we are going to look at halving a number of objects. Gather together an even number of an object. Explain to your child that you are going to half the objects and this means you will split them into 2 groups equally. Start to move the objects into 2 groups chanting "one here, one there, one here, one there" or "one for me, one or you, one for me, one for you". Once finished point out again that now they are in 2 groups because you halved them. Ask your child to check if the groups are equal by counting to see if the same number of objects are in each group. Then put all of the objects back together and ask them to repeat the activity: "can you split these objects in half now?".

Once you have done this practical activity, get out the next sheet in your maths wallet which has 2 animals on it and some bananas. Explain that both of the animals want the bananas. Because there are 2 animals who need an equal amount we need to split the bananas in half. Ask your child to cut out each of the bananas and then to share them between the animals, stressing the importance of both animals getting the same number of bananas. Once they have done it you can explain what they have done using the maths sentence "you split the bananas in half because you made 2 equal parts". 

To continue this activity further you could change the number of bananas to a different even number.

Let me know how you get on :)
Miss Heafford