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Hi everyone,

Today in maths we are going to continue looking at halving a number. 
For the activity you will need your laminated 100 number square, whiteboard pen, and objects to half (e.g lots of pencils that can be shared into 2 groups, preferably you will have 20 of your chosen item).

What I would like you to do is to start off with 10 of your chosen item and ask you child to half the items. To achieve this they should be putting them into 2 equal groups giving 1 item to each group at a time. Ask them to check if they are 2 equal groups? Then indicate on the 100 square if this number made 2 equal groups (so they would tick the number 10 because it made 2 equal groups of 5). 

Then ask them to repeat this task but this time with 9 objects, then again with 8, 7, 6 etc. 

Once they have done all the way to number 1 they should have a tick, cross pattern on their 100 square. Ask them what they notice. Do they spot that it is a pattern? 

As a challenge you could ask them to try the teen numbers to see if the pattern continues. 

Does your child know anything about any of the numbers that did work or didn't work (do they mention the words odd and even?) If they don't then you could discuss what odd and even means.

The aim of this session today is to 
- spot patterns
- understand that not every number can be halved
- introduce the terminology odd and even

Enjoy everyone,
Miss Heafford