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Hi everyone,

We are going to continue exploring odds and evens.
For today's activity you will need the numicon from the first home learning pack you were given. You just need 1 of each number 1-10.

The first thing I would like you to do is to try to remember what 'odd' and 'even' numbers are. 

Was it odd or even numbers that you could half?

Watch this numberblocks episode and you will learn a bit more about odd and even numbers.

Once you have watched the numberblocks episode, can you sort the numicon into your own odds and evens teams? Which numbers go in which teams?

Parents when your child has sorted the numberblocks into an odd pile and an even pile ask them "what is the same about the numicon on this team?" and the same about the other team. Hopefully they will notice that the odd team all have 1 odd block on top of them. 

If your child is feeling confident with this activity then a good way to support them further with this is to keep the numicon in the 2 teams and to try sharing out objects of each amount again. For example try sharing out 10 objects placing them neatly next to each other so that the 2 groups almost look like the numicon (here is what I mean):



So you are sharing between 2 groups neatly and this will help your child to spot that there is an equal amount in each group much more easily. 












Then demonstrate doing it with an odd number in the same neat way, like this:

This way you can clearly see that there is 1 more on the right hand side. Therefore it becomes much clearer to your child that this number must be odd.

You can explain that when there was 1 more in one of the groups it was like when the numberblock has 1 extra odd block on it's head and that is why the number is odd.

Have a good day,
Miss Heafford