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Hi everyone,

Today there are 2 maths challenges that focus on odd and even numbers:

The first one is a number hunt. Parents your job is to hide some numbers around the house. The numbers could be a written numeral on a piece of paper or it could be a representative of a number such as 5 dots drawn on a piece of paper or 3 ticks or 10 candles on a cake. You could even hide numbers of objects around the house such as 10 pencils in a tupperware. Once the numbers are hidden, write odd and even on some labels and put them down. Then your child is free to go and find the number and then need to work out whether it is an odd number or an even number. 
It may be that your child can simply remember which numbers are odd and even. It may be that they use numicon to see if it is an odd or even number or if it is a group of objects they have found then they could split them in half and see if they split equally or not to show them if it was an odd or even number. Happy hunting!

The second challenge is to go on a walk and to carefully look at the house numbers down a street. What do you notice? Parents point out that all of the houses on one side of the street are even numbers and the odd numbers are all on the other side of the street! 

Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine!
Miss Heafford