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Welcome back everyone! 

This week we will not be introducing any new concepts in maths, instead we will be recapping our ordering of numbers and trying to identify 1 more and 1 less than a number.

Today I would like the children to practise identifying the numbers 1-20 and putting them in the correct order. 

The first activity is a jumping activity. Write the numbers 1-20 on the ground in chalk or on paper and place on the ground and see if your child can identify each number. Then ask them to jump on the numbers in order, starting with the smallest number and shouting each number as they jump on it. If your child is comfortable with numbers 1-20 then extend ask them to start with the biggest number and jump so that the numbers get smaller each time instead of bigger. 

A further challenge would be to tell you child a particular number and get them to jump starting on that number making the numbers either 1 more every jump or 1 less every jump depending on what you ask. For example you could say "Can you start on number 6 and make the numbers get 1 bigger every time?". 

Next, click on the link below to play a counting and ordering game online. The children need to count the spots on each ladybird and put the ladybirds in order from the least amount of dots to the most.
Once you have followed the link, click on 'ordering' and then '1-10'.

Have a great day!
Miss Heafford