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Hi everyone,

Today there is a 2 part challenge for which you will need 10-20 small pieces of paper (depending on how confident your child is with counting). 

Firstly ask your child to draw a representative of each number 1-10 or 1-20 on each small piece of paper. 
You can ask this by saying "can you draw me something to show the number 1 on here? It could be anything you want, a dot, 1 sun, 1 tally mark, 1 candle on a cake, 1 circle, 1 heart." and then continuing until they have 10 or 20 pieces of paper. You could split the numbers between you to speed up this activity. Perhaps your child could choose to do all of the odd or even numbers to help recap that.

Next, turn all of the drawings over so that you can't see the drawings. The challenge for your child is to turn 1 card over at a time and to put them in order of amount. So for example they may turn over a picture of 3 dots. They need to count the dots and realise that it's number 3. Then they can turn over the next card which might have 7 cars on it. They need to decide 'is 7 bigger or smaller than 3?' and then place it before or after their number 3 card. Hopefully they will then end up with their very own number line after turning over ever card. You can help them to check this.

To extend this activity, you could ask them to close their eyes and then steal one or two of their cards or change the order of 2 cards. Ask them to open their eyes and identify what has changed.

Have a great day,
Miss Heafford