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Hi everyone,

Today I have a couple of games for you to play.

Firstly I'd like you to play "I'm thinking of a number". This game helps the children to verbalise their knowledge of number relationships. You can play without any resources or you could give them a numberline or 100 square to help if they are a little uncertain about number relationships. You go first and say "I'm thinking of a number" and start to describe it. Ways to describe it are:
- saying whether it is an odd or even number
- saying it is bigger than or smaller than another number
- saying what one more than it is
- saying what one less than it is
- saying which numbers it is in between
- relating it to something meaningful, for example "it is our house number" or "it is how old your brother is"
- using a simple number sum, for example "you get this number if you double 2" or "you get this number if you do 3+1"

Once your child has guessed your number then it is their turn. If you wanted to put a limit on the game then you could say that each person gives 3 clues and if you guess it after them then you get a point, or you could simply keep playing until you guess right and take it in turns until you have done 5 numbers each. 
I would encourage the children to pick a number between 1-20.

I have prepared my own go at this game so click play below and see if you can guess which number I am thinking of!


I'm thinking of a number ...

The second activity is an online game. It is called helicopter rescue. Click on the link below and then click on 1-20 'direct'. Your child will be told a number and they have to find it. This is a nice warm up game. The real challenge comes from clicking on 1-20 'in between'. For this game the computer will say "find the number in between 7 and 9" and your child needs to apply their knowledge of number order to work out which number that is and click on it.

Miss Heafford