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Numberblocks - Add Another One

Morning all,

Today we are going to look specifically at 1 more and 1 less. This is something that the children have done a lot in school so today and tomorrow will be simple activities to recap.

First, watch the numberblocks episode above. It gives some fantastic visual representations of 1 more than a number.

Next, we have some snakes that need your help!. They have lost their family. Read which family members they have lost and see if you can draw them. How many spots will they need?




Here is the first snake. This is a girl snake, can you count how many spots she has? She has lost her older brother. He has 1 more spot than her. How many spots will he have? Can you draw him?

Here is the next snake. She is a Mummy. She has lost the Granny snake who has 1 more spot than her. She has also lost her baby who has 1 less spot than her! Can you draw the Granny snake and the baby snake?










Here is our last snake. Can you count how many triangles he has? He has lost his 2 younger brothers.
His first brother has 1 less triangle than him. His second brother has 2 less triangles than him!
Can you work out how many triangles his 2 brothers should have and draw them?