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Monday 20th April

Good morning everyone!

I hope you had a lovely Easter and that you managed to create some memories with your families.
It has been so nice for me to see on tapestry how happy the children look and how much fun they are getting to have with you all in the garden, cooking, playing and gaining life skills!

It is great to hear that so many of you are accessing the challenges being posted on the website and are finding them helpful. 
I just wanted to remind everyone that these are optional challenges posted to help, to give ideas about activities you could complete at home and to provide some insight into what we would be teaching the children in school.
Please do not feel any pressure to complete every activity every day. The most important thing to your child will be experiencing some quality time with you to play and talk and explore so try to view these online tasks as optional additions to that! :) 
Take things at your own pace, access what you feel is right and let's prioritise wellbeing!

I saw this post on social media over the weekend and wanted to share it with you:





Welcome back everyone, have a great day and stay safe,
Miss Heafford