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Monday 23rd March (click to see today's phonics, PE, story and challenge!)


Hi parents!

So today is the first day at home and I know that lots of you are feeling anxious, daunted and overwhelmed by the situation you have found yourself in. Please remember that I am here to help you every step of the way and that you can contact me via the office email or by tapestry any time!

I will be uploading a challenge, phonics focus, physical activity video and story every day and I do think that using these resources at intervals throughout the day would provide some structure and stability for your child as well as being an educational input.
However the most important thing for you and your child right now is to play. Have fun, support their mental health and access as much of the material I will be posting as you feel is right for your family.

Don't worry, we can do this!
Miss Heafford