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Monday 23rd March

GOOD MORNING YEAR 2! I think for a SODA activity today it would be good to have a go at some times tables. Children, you will need to write down your 5 times tables in your SODA book or on a blank piece of paper. Try and imagine what a times table rock star sheet looks like with 60 problems. Then get your stopwatch (parent/carers phone) and get cracking! How many can you solve in 3 minutes? Below is an example of what your sheet might look like remember you will be repeating some and you may want to include some division questions. 


1. 3x5 =              2. 5x5 =             3. 7x5 =                    4. 3x5 =            5. 10x5 =                  6. 9x5 = 

7. 6x5 =              8. 10x5 =           9. 9x5 =                   10. 5x5 =          11. 4x5 =                 12. 1x5 = 


Remember to continue to 60 and mark them at the end. Parents can help to write some if you want to! This should warm up your brains nicely ready for THE JOE WICKS WORK OUT AT 9AM! 


HAVE A GREAT DAY CHILDREN! And parents check the podcast idea on the class page I will need your consent if you want to get involved. Also, please follow our school Twitter page @RichardHillSch for lots of updates and ideas! You could share a picture of your child's work for us to see. 


"The way progress happens is that new generations and new eras grow-up and become better than the previous ones. It is the reason that we are not in the Dark Ages anymore. No matter your position or place in life, it is imperative to create opportunities for children so that they can grow up to blow you away!" 


Good luck and stay safe, 


Mr Smith. 

P.S. Water your plants and maybe replant them in a larger pot!!!


Monday's timetable: 

Parents: please note the timetable does not have to be strictly followed the timings are only there for guidance purposes. The only ones that will have to be followed will be the live videos from Joe Wicks. If you miss this for whatever reason you could do the activity in another way by using a pre-recorded Youtube video or some physical activity in the garden.


9am: Joe Wicks Youtube channel “P.E with Joe” 30 minutes of activity to start your day.  


10.30-12pm: Maths and English activities



L.O: I can find shapes in my house.

Investigate the house and see what shapes you can find. In your books record the items in a table and write what shape they are.



clock – circle

window – rectangle


can you find any peculiar shapes?



L.O: I can use adjectives in my writing.

What is an adjective? Can you write 10 adjectives in your book then use them in a sentence?

Link it to the video we watched “Something fishy”

What was the under-water scene like? Describe it!


1-3pm: Creative afternoons: what can you remember about The Great Fire of London?

Use books/internet to research and find out some more facts.


CREATE a piece of art that shows London during the worst part of the fire.


You could use crayons and felt tips or be even more creative by making a collage or a 3D picture.