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Monday 27th April

Monday 27th April 2020 


Quote of the week: "The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it" 


Good morning everyone, this week starts the final week of April, this month seems to have gone very quickly! There is lots for you to get on with on the website. Make sure you have explored all the areas because there are challenges everywhere. I have also attached some spellings for you to practice this week and maybe do a spelling test on Friday. In addition to this, loads of you sent me some brilliant work last week so I have added some onto the school twitter and attached some to the website. Check out Winnie's castle, it's better than my actual house!! 


Today in maths we are continuing with measure and comparing lengths. Follow the white rose lesson attached to the plan. In English we are creating a word bank of adjectives that we could use in a story at the end of the week. I would like to you to combine this with learning some ICT skills so you could explore how to find "synonyms" on Microsoft word if you have it. If you do not have access to this then find better words using a thesaurus or just through mummy or daddy's phone. 


To find synonyms on Microsoft word you must; 

- write a word like "good"

- hover the mouse over the word

- right click the word 

- select synonyms 

- browse the words and select your favourite 


Finally, I will be printing out some new home learning work packs this week and they will be available for collection on Friday between 8am-4pm from school. All you have to do is come to school with your parents and collect the pack with your name on it. 


I hope you all have a great week and podcasters I will email you guys on Wednesday with an update about what we will be chatting about on Thursday! 




Mr Smith smiley


P.S. if you haven't emailed in or sent across any work to me yet please do not hesitate to do so it is not a hindrance to me at all. I have loved seeing all the children's work. If you are not able to attach work just an email update would be brilliant.