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Hi everyone, welcome to a new week of home learning. This week I have attached planning to the "Week 5 May 18th" page so you should find the sheets for maths and English there. If you don't have access to a printer don't worry you can just ask your child to write the answers in their books. Even if you do have a printer you are not required to print off the sheets unless you really want to or you think it will help your child. 


Some of your letters were amazing last week your relatives and my Nana will be so pleased to receive them. I think letter writing is a dying art so well done for giving it a go - there's nothing like receiving a letter. 


Thanks to those who joined in the podcast or listened to it. I have taken on the feedback about my letter and having read it again, you were all right, IT WAS RUBBISH! 


Anyway, good luck with your learning this week and feel free to email me any stuff you do. 


Cheers guys, 


Mr Smith smiley