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Monday 8th June


THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: 10 things that require zero talent - WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? If you put all of your efforts and energies into everything you do you will know YOU HAVE DONE YOUR BEST!


Good morning - the weather has taken a slight turn for the worse over the past few days but I hope you have still been able to get outside. 


This weekend I have managed to break my 10km running record AGAIN! Which, I am very pleased about and today, is in fact, my birthday! Although, Birthday's aren't as exciting as they are when I was your age, I have still managed to get some pretty cool presents (No drone though Freddie!). 


Anyway, All the work is up and we will be following the BBC bitesize lessons again from week commencing 1st June. The maths lessons are aimed at year 3 so give them a good go and if they are too challenging keep TRYING! If you are really struggling TRY AGAIN! If all else fails then give the year 2 lessons a go but I believe in you and you will be fine! There is also the sumdog and Mymaths work on the respective websites. 


Good luck and I look forward to seeing you all soon, 


Mr Smith smiley